Previous Shotgun Models – ... Weatherby Customer Service representatives are available to assist you: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (MDT) Visitor/Service Center 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (MDT) Customer Service (307) 675-7840. Search Search. Currently shooting an M2 and love it but was thinkin bout a 459 to mess around with for my kids and … To get to the crux of the biscuit, the new Weatherby Orion is a version of the ATA Arms SP O&U shotgun in a Weatherby … Weatherby SA-459 reviews. Review: Weatherby Orion I O/U Shotgun. OUR TOP PICK: Browning BPS Field ; BEST PUMP ACTION SHOTGUN FOR HOME DEFENCE: Mossberg Model 500 Classic ; BEST 12 GAUGE PUMP ACTION SHOTGUN: Weatherby … July 25, 2013. In this segment, American Rifleman Television reviews the Weatherby Orion Shotgun. While Weatherby rifles were known as premium guns with a premium price tag, the company’s shotguns were known for quality and a more economical price. Weatherby doesn’t make its own shotguns, but rather contracts with top manufacturers around the world. Review of the Weatherby Orion shotgun. My early ’80s vintage Orion served as my main pheasant gun for several seasons and, while the trademark Claro walnut stock and forearm were a little bulky, it did a fine job for me. Weatherby Orion 1 Over/Under 12 gauge Shotgun By Randy Wakeman. Weatherby made their mark producing rifles that shot screaming fast, proprietary cartridges. This fantastic shotgun features a rubberized pistol grip and puts the trigger hand in perfect alignment for shooting from a seated position. 202P&Y Posts: 348 Joined: February 23rd, 2015, 8:45 pm Location: Bama. It is apparently made in Istanbul, Turkey, by Armsan or ATA. There were setups that would last me a lifetime and others would last me a few seasons. Weatherby recently made the move from California to Wyoming and are launching the new 18i are Italian-made shotguns as their first line launched from their new home. Like their rifles, Weatherby’s shotguns offer impeccable balance no matter your purpose. Both fore-­end and buttstock are generously proportioned for even large-­handed shooters. Weatherby Shotguns for Sale. The Best GoPro Black Friday Deals: Early Bargains on Outdoor … Weatherby PA-459 Shotgun With all the fancy new tactical shotguns hitting the market right now, I thought it might be nice to take a look at a bit of a classic in the field, the Weatherby PA-459. By John B. Originally conceived as a tough, reliable tactical shotgun at an affordable price, the PA-459 delivers all the core features shotgun enthusiasts are looking for without a lot of other fluff. Choosing the best over under shotgun can be a chore – at its core, the O/U shotgun is a simple firearm, but the nuance that comes from the market offerings makes it sometimes difficult to choose a particular gun. The new Italian-­made Weatherby 18i Deluxe has superseded the Turkish-­made Element Deluxe. Company headquarters is in the northern San Luis Obispo County town of Paso Robles, California. Buy Verney Carron Shotguns Review And Weatherby Pump Action Shotgun Pa 35 Review An Old-School Western Mule Deer Hunt, in Memory of Two Midwestern Dads. The current, 2016 Weatherby Orion 1 O/U shotgun is available in 12 gauge only. GUN TESTS GRADE: B+ $2249 Weatherby has long understood that speed kills. Gear. Weatherby 459 Tr - Very scarce aftermarket parts, your kind of stuck with the way its dress, unless you are a talented gunsmith. I was narrowing down my search and the Weatherby SA-08 seemed to be the most appealing to me. Available in different colors, camo patterns and grip styles, these shotguns make for excellent skeet or field firearms. More Gun Shots. The original Orion was a Japanese slogger, a real smooth smoothbore. Due to the factory being overseas and its unknown if Weatherby will have a stateside service center for warranty repairs. 7 posts • Page 1 of 1. 0. $0.00. Wyoming-based Weatherby have announced the launch of a new line of 12 gauge inertia action shotguns. T hese pump shotguns are discontinued & have been for years, with most parts being obsolete. Gear . Weatherby SA-459 12 Gauge 3in Black Semi Automatic Shotgun - 22in - This turkey shotgun has green fiber-optic bead and fixed sights and features a removable picatinny mount. Weatherby SA 08. The Waterfowl Hunter’s Holiday Gift Guide. Company Directory (307) 675-7800. Models that Weatherby design are the 181, Element, Orion and SA series. It is made in Turkey by ATA. Weatherby returned to Italy for the 18i, an inertia-operated shotgun made by an Italian company called Marocchi. For some time Weatherby shotguns were made in Japan or Italy. The reboot of the over/under is Turkish, but from all accounts keeps the Orion’s reputation intact. Latest. Hunting. Talk about 20, 16, & 28 gauge and .410 bore shotguns here. Photo by Michael Anschuetz. Both guns … Gun Review; by Benjamin T. Shotzberger | Jan 31, 2011 | 46 comments. Weatherby Japanese Semi-Auto Shotgun FIREARMS INFORMATION This will cover the Patrician, Patrician II, & 92 semi-autos made from 1972 thru 1989 . Weatherby, a name synonymous with magnum-chambered rifles, has nonetheless been in the shotgun business since the 1960s, when it first imported Italian-made over-unders. Gun Reviews; Shotguns; Brands; 19 Comments Last updated: 15/12/2016; Review; Specification; Guns For Sale; Comments; It’s safe to say that the observant amongst you will recognise this Turkish built semi – auto as one I’ve looked at before, the only discernable difference being the name down the side. They wanted their own fast 6.5-caliber hunting round and decided to take a different path to get there. Randy Wakeman reviews the Weatherby Orion 1 Over/Under 12 ga. Skip to content Skip to navigation menu. Illustration courtesy of Weatherby. Story by Larry Case • Photograph courtesy of Weatherby I know that when you hear the word “Weatherby,” shotguns are not the first thing that springs to mind – more like a line of fine, high-end rifles.Well, I think that is going to change. Weatherby SA 08. Weatherby SA-459 reviews . Need Help Filtering. All these guns have the model designation engraved on the LH … In recent years they have been coming from Turkey. Randy Wakeman reviews the Weatherby SA-08 Deluxe Autoloading Shotgun. Weatherby Shotgun. Find the best synthetic or premium wood stock shotgun for your needs today with Weatherby. The Science Behind Deer Movement Can Help You Kill a Good Buck This Season. MY CART. The Weatherby SA-459 is a semi automatic shotgun that is ideal for the spring turkey woods, but it can also be pressed into service as a defensive shotgun. FREE Curbside or In-Store Pick Up. Snow. This article should help to group some over and under shotguns and give you options based on the best use cases for the guns or the market segment they fit into best. Over / under & semi-auto shotguns from Weatherby are chambered for either 12 gauge or 20 gauge shells. So ‘cha-chunk’ your eyes and keep reading! SKB made Weatherby shotguns for more than 25 years, and they have a well-deserved reputation as good, reliable guns. Hunting. Weatherby, Inc. is an American gun manufacturer founded in 1945. Shotgun. I wanted to experience the autoloading shotguns to see if that was it. Written inquires can be mailed to: Weatherby, Inc. PO Box 6630 Sheridan, WY 82801 USA. MY … This is the first Weatherby brand autoloader I've had the chance to review in many years. Illustration courtesy of Weatherby. Orion the Hunter is one of the most recognized constellations in the night sky, and for Weatherby, a recognizable new re-addition to its line of shotguns. After doing some homework I've had my eye on several autoloaders. Top Double-Barrel Shotgun Picks Weatherby Orion I. Get FREE Standard Shipping on Orders Over $49. The current, 2016 Weatherby Orion I O/U shotgun is available in 12 gauge only, is made in Turkey by ATA, and sells in the area of $850 today in the United States. At a Glance: Our Top Picks for Pump Action Shotguns. We will also review the best pump action shotguns on the market in different categories to help you with your buying decision. The Weatherby SA-08 12 gauge 26 inch gas-operated autoloader is the big brother to the previously covered SA-08 20 gauge. The semi-autos were a parallel gun to these pumps, as they utilized many of the same parts. Review: Weatherby SA-08 12 Gauge Deluxe Autoloader . To get to the crux of the biscuit, the new Weatherby Orion is a version of the ATA Arms SP O & U shotgun, in a Weatherby … Weatherby 18i Deluxe Shotgun Review The Weatherby 18i Deluxe shotgun epitomizes the traditional Weatherby look of very bright bluing and exuberantly figured walnut. Limited loading capacity unless you do a extension mod and it may or may not void your warranty. Next Post I recently got the itch to pick up a shotgun dedicated to sport shooting. 1305 Bridford Parkway Greensboro, NC CHANGE STORE. COMPARE RESET. The company is best known for its high-powered magnum cartridges, such as the .257 Weatherby Magnum and the .460 Weatherby Magnum. New Shotgun Review: Weatherby SA-08 Deluxe 28. Gun Review: Weatherby PA-08 Upland Shotgun. facebook; twitter; linkedin; email ◀Previous Post. Though the collection is somewhat limited it’s by no means underwhelming. The shotguns were designed by Weatherby, were up to the company’s quality benchmarks, but were always built by a different manufacturer. Weatherby SA-08 Deluxe 20 Gauge Autoloader By Randy Wakeman SA-08 Deluxe. Starting with the development of their 300 Weatherby Magnum in 1944, Weatherby has […] They’ve got over/unders, side-by-sides, pump actions, and semi-autos, each with a solid performance and gorgeous finish. Post by 202P&Y » December 16th, 2016, 12:42 am Anybody shot one and don't like it?