What is NU Snowflake Ice? Franchise owners have the support of a network of owners and the excitement of connecting to their local community by delivering fun, bold flavors in our unique shaved ice. While they still top their shaved ice with delicious flavors, they add a little cream on it as well to make their snowballs just as sweet as they are! Add cream topping to a strawberry shaved ice to create “Strawberries N’ Cream” or add it to root beer for a “Root Beer Float”. Biz on Wheels custom build ice cream trucks snow cone truck soft serve frozen yogurt truck shave ice trucks food trucks or any kind of mobile business. We ended up finishing our order in front of the store in a few minutes. The shaved ice was decent and the milk foam was creamy. You can purchase machines that make shaved ice or make your own shaved ice with a sturdy blender or food processor. You’ll be glad you did! Takeout “ the typical to-go concept for us. https://gluttodigest.com/shaved-snow-ice-restaurants-recipe Located in the small historic town of Haleʻiwa on Oahu's North Shore. Nu Snowflake Ice is unlike the generic shaved ice out there. Rapidly-growing brand If the mix is too thin, add more ice; if too thick, add more liquid. Sno Cone (or Snow Cone) Probably the variation most people are familiar with is the ever-loved sno cone. (800) 944-2589 Toll Free: (800) 944-2589 Hokulia’s ice is not ground or gritty, but shaved into ultra thin ribbons. In fact it's so different that it takes 10 hours of pre-preparation!There are no perservative and just 100% natural taste. Cream Toppings. Make your treat authentic by adding a scoop of ice cream in the middle, creamy Sno Cap topping or a local Hawaiian favorite by sprinkling Li Hing Mui Powder or Coconut Flakes on top. Our franchise is quickly growing with over 180 locations across the country. If you’ve never tried our cream topping, now is the time. He started with one ice shaver and the hope of a college job that didn't involve mowing grass or flipping burgers. 150 E Broadway. Owning a Pelican’s SnoBalls stand can be a rewarding opportunity! Lower East Side. Shave your ice. In the summer of 1990, Blake Buchanan opened the first Bahama Buck's. And that southern flair is cream! Our cream topping is an indulgent addition to any flavor or concoction. Delivery. Create shaved ice with a blender by pressing the "crush" button for about a minute. A family owned shop established in 1951, serves shave ice, original t-shirts, and goods. From the exotic Hawaiian beach themed wrap and the inviting tropical steel drum music, playing to the self serve "Surv-board" where kids and adults can dispense their own custom shaved ice syrup creations, The Tikiz Experience is fun for all ages! Reviews on Taiwanese Shaved Ice in New York, NY - Crystal Ice, Snow Show, Meet Fresh, Grace Street, Sweet Moment, Taiwan Pork Chop House, 520iFCha Dessert Bar, Cafe Auburndale, Cocohodo $ Desserts, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Shaved Ice.