Prerequisites: Vital Strike, base attack bonus +9.. Your attacks are capable of penetrating the defenses of some creatures. Downloads Vital Strike on a Greatsword buffed with Lead Blades (via 1st level pearl of power present to the wizard, or via an oil) is a feat for +10 damage on a move+attack at level 6. Improved Vital Strike: Triple weapon damage. The six tons of Primitive Armor will not be enough to protect the Pathfinder from concentrated enemy fire, especially against the devastating firepower available in 3075 . All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews ... 10 Crippling Strike 11 Combat Reflexes 12 Double Debilitation 13 14 Dispelling Strike 15 Dreadful Carnage 16 Opportunist 17 18 Imp Crit (Fauchard) <- Imp. Pathminder, Copyright 2016, Drumanagh Wilpole. Swings a club with great force, inflicting 1814 Physical damage split between all enemies in front of the caster and knocking them back. Greater Penetrating Strike (Combat) - Pathfinder_OGC Your devastating strikes cleave through weapons and armor and into their wielders, damaging both item and wielder alike in a single terrific strike. Pitting all of your strength and resolve against your enemy, you deliver a strike that is impossible to ignore. Prerequisites: Weapon Focus, 12th-level fighter Benefit: Your attacks made with weapons selected with Weapon Focus ignore up to 5 points of damage reduction. 17 - Greater Vital Strike. Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Combat. So far I've come to the conclusion, that yes it's viable, but it needs some tweaking. Also note that many colored items are also links to the Paizo SRD. Prerequisite(s): Base attack bonus +9, weapon training class feature with a melee weapon. That's actually an AMAZING option - especially if the Barbarian has the "end rage in … Prerequisites: Vital Strike, base attack bonus +9.. Prerequisites: Vital Strike, base attack bonus +11. Traits. Recent Changes An action with the press trait can be used only if you are currently affected by a multiple attack penalty. For weapons with more than one damage die, count all the weapon’s base damage dice together as one set. If at least three attacks hit, you can also choose from blinded or staggered. | 5th Edition SRD Character Sheets These events may increase or decrease your realm's stats; don't forget to look them up. I will use the color coding scheme which has become common among Pathfinder build handbooks. Whenever you use Vital Strike, Improved Vital Strike, or Greater Vital Strike, you gain a +2 bonus on each extra weapon damage dice roll those feats grant (+6 maximum). Benefit: Whenever you use Vital Strike, Improved Vital Strike, or Greater Vital Strike, you gain a bonus on attack rolls to confirm a critical hit equal to the bonus on damage rolls you gain from Devastating Strike. All current events are listed at the bottom of the screen. Your attacks penetrate the defenses of most foes. The initiator inflicts an additional 4 points of damage upon a successful attack, or an additional 6 points of damage if the initiator is wielding the weapon in two hands. | d20HeroSRD Prerequisites: Improved Sunder, Power Attack, base attack bonus +6, Str 13. Prerequisites: Devastating Strike, Vital Strike, base attack bonus +13. Source Pathfinder Unchained pg. [PH2:50] Update (Nov 2009): This power was updated to allow the use of versatile weapons while being used with two hands. Final tactics: If you have the previously mentioned items, your weapon training should be 4 (5 at 11). Also - probably melee, not ranged. level 2 If devastating blow hits, your attack is an automatic critical threat, though it doesn't trigger weapon special abilities like vorpal if you confirm the critical. All current events are listed at the bottom of the screen. Prerequisite: Ability to cast arcane spells. The Pathfinders were normally the first to receive new blind bombing aids like Gee, Oboe and the H2S radar.. | d20PFSRD 128 You can make a single attack that deals a large amount of damage.