(A usted) le gustan las comidas. Te gustas … incorrect! I like to play football. Have a look and listen to this example: 6. She likes the coffee. You like to dance salsa. This is asking what do you like to do better. Most of the sentences presented include audio of the sentence in Spanish, which allows you to … Subject is plural – use gustan. Literal translation: To me are pleasing the dogs. Gustan is used when the subject is in plural or is more than one object. He likes the Spanish classes. ¿Qué te gusta más? So we use “gustan”: A mí me gustan las patatas fritas. Sentence pairs containing gusta translated in English and Spanish. Actual Translation: I like the dogs. The verb form is used for most other objects. = The beach is pleasing to us. (I like the houses. Examples are used only to help you translate the word or expression searched in various contexts. = Chips are pleasing to me. (A ti) te gustan los animales. ( i don't like niether calling nor cooking. No me gusta ni llamar ni cocinar. It is also one of the forms of the main verb “Gustar”. For example, I'll start with my likes and dislikes. • Me gustan las clases • Me gustan los libros. If you want to say you don’t like it, you say No me gusta. Here are example sentences with verb “gustar” for each person, always using the 2 blocks:. Literally: The houses please me.) It is quite common for learners to confuse this topic when first learning it, and say “me gusto los libros” but, You will notice that the verb “gustar” is conjugated in the third person plural – gustan. = The song is pleasing to you. Here are some examples with English translations: (A mí) me gusta jugar fútbol. A usted le gusta bailar salsa. A él le gusta el coche. Gustan is a verb in the Spanish language which means “to like”. (I don't like running or going to school. Me gusta leer. = The bar is pleasing to you guys. Here are some examples of the correct use of gustar. (You–informal singular– like the apples.) Me gusta cocinar. A ella le gusta el café. However, you have to use gustan when more than a single thing or person is liked such as when you like rabbits, movies, action movies, and so on. = Madrid is pleasing to me. (A tí) te gustan las manzanas. A ti te gusta la canción. The verb form gustan is always in the plural when the noun is plural or there are two nouns, because *they* please the person: (A mí) me gustan las casas. Me gusta más/mucho___. A él le gustan las clases de español. If you want to ask someone whether s/he likes doing something, just remember to add the question marks and change the intonation. You like animals. Nos gustamos … incorrect! Remember, the IO pronoun is not the subject of the sentence! Me gustan los libros. Te gustan los libros. A nosotros nos gusta la playa. = The car is pleasing to him. Le gusta tocar el piano. A mí me gusta Madrid. No me gusta example: No me gusta correr o ir a la escuela. A vosotros os gusta el bar. Take a look at the following sentences. Pero no me gusta limpiar. Now, let me tell you about my daughter Rebeca. For example, this is incorrect: Me gusta n bailar y cantar.