Kanji Zone has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the translations it provides. Japanese names are normally written using kanji characters, not katakana. To get a kanji name with a similar pronunciation to an English name, ask a Japanese person for help or look in a book. Note: Because this title is entirely Japanese Katakana, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher. Kanji Zone cannot be held liable for any damage or problems that may … Categories: General If you want to know how to say joy in Japanese, you will find the translation here. Essentially, given a list of English/Japanese name pairs, the system learns a series of substitution rules to apply to the English input in order to get the Japanese output. ; The Japanese write foreign words phonetically, so it is not always possible to say how a name should be written in Japanese without further information.For example, the last two letters of … If your name is Joy, I recommend that you pick a character that means "joy" rather than this version which only sounds like "Joy". ジョイ is the name Joy in Japanese. To read a newspaper, you must know 2,000 commonly used kanji, hiragana and katakana, which are taught in elementary school and junior high school, along with the English alphabets. Notes. Here is the translation and the Japanese word for joy… The easiest way is to find a Katakana letter that corresponds to the pronunciation of your Japanese name. To write your English name in the Japanese alphabet, first you need to know the basics of Katakana.. Japanese people use Katakana to write English names. To write a name in kanji, the FAQ has an online "ABC" to kanji converter which converts letters into similar-looking kanji, but this will not give a meaningful pronunciation. The word 'joy' is a noun because it is a word for a feeling of great pleasure and happiness, a word for an emotion, a word for a thing. If … Learn Hiragana & Katakana with an Online Quiz. If you want to have Japanese names that have roughly equivalent meanings as Mary Joy, then you would have to find Japanese names that mean love and joy. For instance, the first rule the system learns is to replace the letter "L" with the letter "R", because there is no "L" in Japanese. Japanese Writing; Joy in Kanji (pronounced in Japanese ... Kanji Zone's name translation service is carried out by computer (see translation guide) not by humans. I’m assuming you have a non-Japanese or Chinese name You use this syllabary to match sounds to your name: Note that all characters are syllables. See How to Translate Your Name to Japanese for why it became this way. The noun 'joy' is a singular, common, abstract noun. You'd better to write your name … You can memorize the alphabet in just a couple of weeks! How to Say Joy in Japanese. We hope this will help you to understand Japanese better. This dictionary does not contain Japanese names. ジョイ, and be pronounced about the same. Like Japanese? Think your Japanese name sounds strange? Japanese language consists of three alphabets: kanji (pictographic characters imported from China), hiragana and katakana (phonetic alphabets developed in Japan). You have to match the syllable in your name to the closest syllable written here. It's easy!