Also, are you using a kit, or is it custom? The stock M3 cams are hard to find used (or have a lot of miles) and new cams from BMW cost as much as the car itself. We thought about the 2.8 crank just from a forged perspective - and they are cheap, but this puts the rod/stroke ratio below 1.7. Price: $1,399.99. You can post now and register later. I came to the fest today to see what kind of injectors I should put on it. No matter what internals go into the M50 block, theyre going to be brand new forged, all ARP head bolts etc etc, so if anyone has any info on which internals are best in the M50 block it would be appreciated, I will be doing most of the gaskets piston rings and arp main studs along with the head studs, valve seals to. OEM Clutch Kit (Reman), Sachs - E36 328i, E39 528i, Z3 2.8 OEM Clutch Kit with Clutch Disc, Pressure Plate, Release Bearing replaces BMW part #21211223602 Price: $299.99 I decided to build a 3.0L M50 engine and bought M54B30 short block to create a S50 clone. Top Mount T3 GT35 Turbo Kit Manifold Downpipe For 92-98 BMW E36 325i 328i. For 92-99 Bmw E36 3 Series L6 M50/M52 T3 Cast Iron Performance Turbo Manifold (Fits: 1999 BMW 323i) 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - For 92-99 Bmw E36 3 Series L6 M50/M52 T3 Cast Iron Performance Turbo Manifold But there is lots planned and excited to get this project car underway. Free shipping. Hi Guys, So I have recently started a new build project with my 1992 Bmw e30 320i and thought I'd share the progress thus far. I also bored out the traction throttle body, because what difference would it make if one wasn't bored out? Several companies offer them, though. Discuss general and Technical 1991 - 1999 BMW e36 Turbocharging & Supercharging information & questions here. It's going in a sole drifter. ( transport costs for … Daggerty, I'm putting a turbo in my '97 328i. Hi, I'm planning on building the classic M50 Iron block turbo engine.   Your previous content has been restored. We are back after a little break with a long long video of the e36 turbo build!!! ... Daggerty, I'm putting a turbo in my '97 328i. Base engine is a NV M50 and will be doing all of the forged internals for longevity. Oh and Holset all the way. Exhaust Turbo Manifolds. The E36 328i/is driveshaft (part number 26111227283) fits only when you replace the center bearing and support with an E30 unit. Turbo LS1 E36 Introduction When the OP first introduced us to his BMW 318i , he provided a rundown of the build, some power numbers and plans for the future. I understand that there is an advantage to having a larger number in this area. E36 (1991 - 1999) Turbo budget build. I came to the fest today to see what kind of injectors I should put on it. Remember it's now, what, 8-9 years since our cars have been out and except for the M3, the only turbo kit for … Free shipping. Yup talk to Steve Murch. Supercharger Kits. Check out the BMW forums for confirmation on this one, as this upgrade is universally recognized among e36 fanatics as one of the best bangs for your buck.   You cannot paste images directly. Upload or insert images from URL. $1,318.90 . BMW 323I 325I 328I E36 E46 V6 M50B25 M52B25 B54 B56 S50 T04E T3 T3/T4 Turbo Kit. The 328i uses the same transmission as the later model E36 M3, the ZF 320. Alarms, Electronics, and Random Accessories. A little background on the car: I have owned the car from 2010 and have enjoyed driving it first as a daily, then later as a weekend toy. We used original M52 exhaust manifold and original 325TDS turbo. Still trying to figure out what I want to do with the bumper it fits on there but I want the best flow. I bought 60 lb injectors from tre performance for around 200 dollars, I called them and they told me if I have any issues they will send me a different set or different flow rating. View Product. Posts: 32 Threads: 7 Likes Received: 11 in 7 posts Likes Given: 3 Joined: Apr 2016 Reputation: 0 #1. Kits Includes Almost All the Hardware to Turbo Charge an E36. I try to make them like the factory did. Popular. Why not handle every wearable part you have access to while she is torn down? G-Series. Really depends on what you're wanting out of it. Im simply thinking of forged internals just for piece of mind that it will be near on bullet proof, but if stock can take it then it might be a route I'll take. By - GT35 Turbo + Intercooler Kit + DownPipe + Manifold + Wastegate + Oil Line Kit Most BMW E36 Turbo Kits are Bottom Mount with Very Poor Fitment, Hits Subframe and other Parts. My wife and I decided to make a quick pitstop at Ikea and while in the area stopped in to see a reasonably clean E36 328i. Simply stated, theres not a better stud setup on the market today. × Come join the discussion about Bimmerfest events, production numbers, programming, performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! ... One component at a time tell I have created my own turbo build. The series of engines also includes M52B20, M52B24, M52B25 and S52B32.This motor was used on E36, E39 models as well as on E38 728i autos produced by major Bavarian automaker. I'll have to get in touch with Steve Murch by the sounds of it! We use the ARP Head Stud Kit on every engine we build and race because in heavy use applications, stock parts don't get the job done., VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Modified M50 baffle plate to clear longer stroke, or just use M52/S52 baffle ... 1998-2001 E36/7 Z3 M52B28 1995-2000 E36 328i 1995-1999 E39 528i 1995-1999 E38 728i/728iL 1997-1999 E36/7 Z3 2.8 1997-2000 Land Rover Defender for South Africa M52TUB28 After much research and conversations, I've got various routes to go down and wondered if anyone had successfully done any of them. Car: BMW E36 328i; Report post; Posted September 14, 2014. E82/E88 135i N54 Turbo Overhaul Package (2008-2010) A complete front & rear N54 turbo install kit with OE Mitsubishi Turbos and all OEM install parts. I then got told to build the above but with an M54 crank and make it a 3.0 stroker, and then again bolt on the turbo. Whether its building up that nasty Euro S52 for mild boost or prepping that that non-vanos m50 for 30lbs of boost, share your experiences, tips, and build threads here. This is one of my favorite BMW e36 upgrades, and it is awesome on any later model inline 6 E36 Series (96-99). He will know. brad.dyer, September 14, 2014 in General Discussion. I gather however that lots of people are getting 500hp+ on stock M50 internals, just with a thick head gasket. Display as a link instead, × I figured I'd do the gasket while everything is off. It only has 98k miles on it and is in excellent condition! Precision Turbos. I had fantastic luck with my old E30 and figured I may obtain the same luck with an E39. Good luck! I have a full M50 engine, and full M52 engine sat ready. His number is on his bookface page. The eldest representative of M52 family was firstly introduced in 1995. Best way to communicate with him is via the phone. The custom turbo setup on this refreshed block is running at 15psi and makes 450rwhp on 93octane pump gas. These cams are the same specs as the stock US M3 to be used to upgrade the M50/M52 engines in the E36 325i/328i, E34 525i, E39 528i, and Z3 2.8. $1,358.50. Turbo kits abound for E36 325i models with the M50 engine, with Euro specialist Active Autowerke being the name brand of choice as of 2014. Waiting on the exhaust manifold so I can do the air intake, hot side, and exhaust, ups guy doesn't read the slips I signed!!! +44 (0)121 792 2000;; Driftworks LTD Unit 7 Tyseley Industrial Estate, Seeleys Rd, Tyseley, Birmingham, B11 2LQ BMW M52B28 engine reliability, problems and repair. I would recommend that if your wear just decking the head. Add to Cart. Top Mount T3 GT35 Turbo Kit For 92-98 BMW E36 325i 328i Manifold 6 Cyl. A full bolt-on high flow Big Turbo for N20/N26 turbo engine. Basically just have the charge piping and exhaust left, then tune. I’m 17, so all it has so far is an M3 differential, used Bilstein front shocks, a cold air intake, and M3 pulleys. We are keen on a nasty sounding revvy engine and want around 600 flywheel HP and 8000 rpm, so will be sticking with the 2.5 crank for a shorter stroke and running 290 degree cams (I think). If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Also swapping my m50 manifold from my 325is and the m52 manifold into that so that should be interesting. She’s not the prettiest, she has 235,000 miles, and she’s definitely not the fastest, but she’s my first ever car and the car I learned to drive manual with. BMW E36 3-SERIES 6CYL T04 T3 TURBO CHARGER TURBOCHARGER KIT FMIC DIY PIPING BOV. I routed the ccv catch can and brake booster hose, and mounted the intercooler. Since BMW sought more mid-range power for the 328i, it used a choked-down version of the 325i's intake manifold (which was also found on the E36 M3 3.2 in '96). Copyright 2020 Bimmersport Ltd Limited warranty will cover it, except if misused for a turbo build and there's a blown HG or Holes in block. I have a M50 non vanos motor and 3.46 diff but for me to turbo this and fit into my 328i would not be worth it for me here in East London . This is why I have installed a high flow fuel rail, and the whatnot. Well not for me but. Also an update, I got the head on with the Mls and arp head studs torqued. Starting to go competative and got fully caged/space famed E36 so basically it will be on the limiter all day long when it's out, so I'm after high WHP and torque figures. Free shipping on many items ... BMW 92-99 E36 M3 323i 325I 328i Demon NEW Turbo Kit TurboCharger GAINS BIG HP (Fits: BMW 328i… Turbo & Supercharger Camshafts ... Garrett Turbochargers. HX35 for you. Was just waiting to get The Bullet back from mechanics so I could give "some" sort of update. Dinan could make a lot of money charging to do both! Look in this forum for "Technique Tuning turbo kit E46 2001-02 330 5sp rice & Dyno sheet" All info is in that thread. It has the dinan throttle body which basically is just bored out on the side that moves towards the engine, I was going to take pics when it was out but didn't think it mattered. All those 20 year old gaskets and seals have never faced the kind of prolonged rpms you are going to be turning WHEN you get her done. My first every car, a 1998 E36 328i Sedan with a 5 speed manual. This New Turbo Kit is a New Development CXRacing Made, with Top Mount Turbo Design. Intercoolers. This is what we are doing for our E21 Group 5 replica ( Thanks guys, really appreciate the help. I have a 1996 BMW 328i and am currently on the hunt for a junkyard M50 intake. VAC Turbo Build Kits. got your email Brad ill get back to you shortly, sorry being slack had about 100 messages in back log to get through. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. However, you need to use the E36 front (26111226552) and rear dust (26111226553) covers. I understand your goal is just to deck the head and turbo charge your motor. JavaScript is disabled. 25-04-2016, 11:27 AM . M50 manifold installed.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Solid E39 528is were plentiful and I had scheduled a few viewings one day. No problem, sorry about my slow replies, time differences on the other side of the world are never helpful! Get the best deals on Turbo Chargers & Parts for BMW 328i when you shop the largest online selection at 1599.99. Haven't updated in awhile the car blew up... A forum community dedicated to BMW owners and enthusiasts. Steve Murch knows plenty about these engines and turbo setups and is guiding us with our project. For starters, ARP Head Stud Kits use a premium grade 8740 alloy that is rated far superior to even aircraft-quality parts. Price: $637.99 What exactly did you buy? So I went on a search. Everything turbo related came from Poland, K64 BMW Performance & Garage. BMW m52b28 from a 95-99 e36 328i. No Cut, Perfect Fit. pppppssssssssssssstttttt! E36 328I t3/T4 turbo build. Convert to Top.. Output flange inner diameter is 3 1/4 inch so that's what I'm going with straight pipe to the back. Item Code: TRB-KIT-BMW-E36-NO-IC. Injectors should be picked on power output you will run. Iron Block. Paste as plain text instead, × I think Steve's current development engine is all stock internals, but he has a fully built motor waiting to go in. I have my Silver with gray Vader interior 1998 BMW 328i sedan 4 door 5 speed manual for sale. Sounds like you are making a lot of progress :thumbup: Well the turbo doesn't fit with the manifold, so I have a few options. OEM BMW Turbo Charger - N54 Front - E9X 335i, E82 135i, 1M, E89 Z4 35 A brand new factory N54 turbo (BMW part #11657649289), with no core charge! #confirdence. Just to give some background, like I covered in my intro and question posts, its an 1996 E36 328i. Popular. The circlip (26123648156) is the same. × With all the extra load you are going to be placing on your power plant it seems an ounce of prevention will go along way in your future. Bringing the BMW community together. Hi, I'm planning on building the classic M50 Iron block turbo engine. MHI N20 Big Turbo - F22 228i, F30 328i, F32 428i, X3 28i, X4 28i. Started the car today for the first time today since I brought it into the garage, I wasn't expecting it to start because of the 60lb injectors but it started right up and I let it run for a minute but with no exhaust it was to loud. Ive been told that commonly the M50 blocks are stripped to a bare block and then built back up with all M52 internals, then chuck on all turbo related parts. What exactly did you buy? ... then chuck on all turbo related parts. This BMW 3 Series E36 328i Coupe model was produced in the period between Jan-1995 and Apr-1999 model years. I am buying it piece by piece. CXRacing Turbo Kit For 1992-1998 BMW 3-Series with E36 Chassis / Engine, 6 Cyl. Clear editor. $1,049.99. GTX Gen 2. Equipped with straight 6 petrol (gasoline) engine with 2793 ccm capacity it produces 193 Hp and 142 kW power at 5500 rpm and 280 Nm torque at 3500 rpm with top claim speed 236 km/h and acceleration 0-100 km/h in 7,3 s The long awaited build thread is here. Engine: M50b25TU Turbo used: GARRETT AiResearch T3 Instagram: e36_agd Powered by Invision Community, After much research and conversations, I've got various routes to go down and wondered if anyone had successfully done any of them. I have the head and cooling system back together. Chris Swart Noob.   Pasted as rich text. Gifts & Apparel. A lot will depend on what you want the engine to do.